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What clients say…


testimonials“Sonia has been a silent guide for me on my journey in healing. Her presence speaks in volumes much louder than any words. She has shown me acceptance, empowerment and healing. I especially owe thanks to her gently introducing me to my inner child and working with this aspect of my being that I ignored for so long but which was ruling so many decisions and actions. So important before I became a new mother this year. Thank you Sonia for your work and dedication to bring healing to this planet one being at a time.”
~ Misia Lina Torai


“Working with Sonia was extremely helpful in many parts of my life. In my relationships with friends and family, Sonia taught me how to say “no”, set healthy boundaries and respect my own needs. Dealing with difficult colleagues is much easier now, because Sonia gave me tools to protect myself against not so “nice” people. She also helped me to let loose and enjoy myself without bothering about what other people say. By working with Sonia, I set myself free!”
~ Heidi Eggen, Stuttgart, Germany


“When I got started I totally resonated with Sonia’s story… I also felt really bad about myself, I had an eating disorder, I was full of shame and I was judging myself all the time. Working with Sonia helped me to feel so much better about myself, to stop judging myself constantly and to overcome my eating disorder. My life is so different now and I enjoy myself and my body in a way that I didn’t think was possible. I feel more confident in expressing myself and I’m more successful in my business because of that. I also love her meditations as they help me to stay centered and connected throughout the day.”
~ Anita S., Austria


shanta“Simply being in Sonia’s presence is healing within itself. She is able to see me for who I really am and her workshops are always very powerful. She has the gift of perceiving people’s energy, to clear and heal them. I truly admire her beautiful femininity, clarity and strength! Each time I get stuck in old stories and patterns Sonia finds the right words and energy to help me get out and to guide me back to clarity. Every conversation I have with her reminds me of who I really am, a divine Being and absolute Love. I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity!”
~ Brigita Spiegel, Stuttgart, Germany


“Sonia is a very gifted, intuitive energy worker and coach. I started to work with her when I was in a deep crisis. After our first session I already felt more balanced and confident that “I will be fine”. Sonia’s amazing compassion and open heart makes working with her truly healing and spiritually uplifting. It is an experience filled with loving acceptance. She also taught me great tools, that empower me to bring myself back into my own strength happiness and balance. I am so very grateful to have met her!”
~ Maria N., Turks & Caicos Islands


Ash“Sonia has helped me learn how to get rid of negative thoughts that run through my head and to see how beautiful life can be. She has taught me to love myself and to see the good in everyone. She has also helped me to deal with my anxiety and realize that all will be ok. Mostly, she has helped me to learn how to enjoy the moment and to not stress about the little things and the unknown. I feel much more relaxed on a daily basis as I continue to use the tools that Sonia has given me to work with.”
~ Ashleigh Simonton, Providenciales, TCI


Jenny“What Sonia does, she does with passion! Not only is she a fantastic coach, she is also your best cheerleader who knows exactly how to remind you to celebrate every success and through that to celebrate ones self. I am very grateful that Sonia was tough (but heartfelt) in certain situations to help me get over my own limitations and show me ways to balance both my energy and emotions so that I wouldn’t burn out in my job. If you happen to lose your joy for whatever reason, Sonia can help you find it in a fresh and exciting way! She is amazing, has her heart in the right place – and helps others passionately return to their own greatness!”
~ Jennie Appel, Author & Shamanic-Healer, www.jennie-appel.de


“I feel grateful to have attended one of Sonia’s workshops in which there was an in depth exploration into energy leaks. She is a joyous presence, shares such practical and valuable tools and most importantly provides a safe, loving and compassionate environment in which to delve into one’s Being. Through her guidance and methods I experienced a dramatic release and freedom from deep past hurt. It was a tremendously healing experience! Sonia ‘s work is indeed a gift to all who partake in the adventure.”
~ Pamela Leach, TCI


Kit“It’s been a wonderful pleasure working with Sonia. I’ve learned more about balancing my energies, getting in touch with my chakras and connecting to my higher self. This has helped me to heighten my communication and listening skills and I’ve learned how to set comfortable boundaries in order to get my needs met. My body feels strong and healthy and it’s never too late to continue to learn – being a senior citizen I enjoy Sonia’s youthful energy. Also, she is very talented at expressing feelings and emotions through her poetry!”
~ Kit Hilton, Providenciales

“Within the first few sessions with Sonia I realised that we had achieved more in 2 hours than the months and years on/ off sessions with Therapists, Physo Therapists and Councillors.  I am now on the way to becoming the person I always was, but became hidden.  My stress levels caused my memory to fail me and I had began to accept this as my fate; I now recall names, places, faces, pieces of information that I thought were long gone, the glee and encouragement it gives me is untold. We worked on my phobia, which was present since early childhood, several (and I mean several) decades later, I show off with my lack of fear and hysteria my family tried so very hard to protect me from as a child, activity others found joy and amazement at, I can now also be part of. Thank you Sonia!”
~ Jessica Green, United Kingdom


“We all ‘know’ that stress and negative energy impact us physically but we never seem able to do anything about it. Tired of pain, immobility and feeling down, I started to see Sonia. Her ability and intuitiveness changed so many things in my life view very quickly. Like Einstein said, it’s all about energy and Sonia knows it. The tools she provided me and the guidance she gave made a noticeable difference to my physicality – for the first time in two years I woke up pain free!”
~ Rita Sprague, Providenciales


Barbara“Working with Sonia has brought me greater awareness, understanding and deep self-love in my life. I have been able to find answers along my path to self-discovery through Sonia’s guidance, knowledge and experience. I am seeing tremendous results from implementing her teachings on a daily basis. The daily practices help me to stay more calm and balanced in difficult situations and to communicate better. I feel very fortunate to have Sonia in my life! Learning to LOVE YOURSELF is a beautiful gift that Sonia has to share.”
~ Barbara Underwood, Providenciales, TCI


Lisa“Sonia is a life coach with a passion for reaching out to and supporting others, so that they may live their best lives as she herself has learned to do. I recommend her services wholeheartedly for anyone looking for a professional of compassion, wisdom, and grace to help in the unique journey and adventure of living and loving.”
~ Lisa Marian Ames, M.P.S., CPC



“Thank you Sonia, for helping guide me in my journey from being a totally independent person and ‘island’ in my own life – in spite of being a caring health professional. I am so much more engaged with people and am constantly amazed at the synchronicity in every day events. My life is becoming a richer woven tapestry with the friendships I am forming in my daily life. Again – a sincere thank you.”
~ D. Dight, Canberra, Australia