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Hi! My name is Sonia Bueno de la Torre and this site is dedicated to…

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Meet Sonia

This is the page where you can get to know me a little better and find out why I do what I do…

I’m 46 years old, I’m from Spanish descent but was born and raised in Germany… That’s why I have a Spanish name but a German accent ;)) I currently live in the Turks and Caicos Islands and I LOVE the ocean.

I’m grateful everyday and I’m at peace with myself… I opened my heart to myself and I stopped criticizing and shaming myself… I don’t overeat anymore.

I enjoy my life… I love to dance, dive, snorkel, meditate, take care of animals in need, play Frisbee (just to mention a few things I love) and I’m passionate about learning and growing every day!

I feel like I’m arrived… I love myself. And I’m here to help you to find your own inner peace and beauty!

But it hasn’t always been this way! In fact…

Here’s My Story…

When I look back I have to admit that I started to feel bad about myself at a very early age. And when I was 14 I was already on my first diet because I thought I was too fat! That was how I was feeling about myself… in fact, I always felt fat and ugly.

I was totally identified with this image of myself. I literally hated myself and my body and was caught in shame most of the time. I struggled with overeating and the worse I felt about myself, the more I ate. And the more I ate, the more I criticized myself and the more shame I felt… I think you get the picture – it was a vicious cycle.

I didn’t go to the beach with my friends because I was too ashamed of being seen in a bikini. I felt insecure and overwhelmed in my job and I missed out on a lot of great opportunities just because I felt so bad about myself.

I also had a very strong inner critic (that I refer to as a “killer critic”) that judged me all the time. I compared myself with other women and of course they all looked better than me, were smarter, more confident, more successful, etc… I felt totally insecure and I just had this deep feeling of not being good enough.

I couldn’t enjoy my sexuality and the thought of being naked was horrifying. I didn’t show it so much on the outside but inside I often felt depressed, sad and lonely. There were even times that I was so desperate that I just wanted to disappear from this world because it was just too painful… It was a really dark period in my life.

I was tired of not feeling good enough…

I finally came to a point in my life when I just didn’t want to live like this anymore. I was now 27 years old and I made a clear decision to do whatever it would take to learn how to love myself.

I didn’t know yet HOW to do it but I remember the day clearly…

I was at one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand where I was with my partner at that time and besides of the two of us, there was nobody. I mean you would think “wow, what a romantic and special moment in paradise”… but to be honest… I couldn’t enjoy it at all!

I just felt horrible about myself and that day I decided that I would not go on vacation anymore until I felt better about myself. That’s how I started my journey…

I was totally committed to spend all my money, time and energy to make this happen for me. I went to my first self-love seminar, I took sessions, I read books… I even went to India and started to meditate… to be honest, in the beginning I still seriously doubted that it was possible for me to feel good about myself but I was going on HOPE that I would find something that would help me to get out of my darkness.

So I just kept going because there was no way back for me and because I didn’t give up… a significant transformation happened for me!

I realized that I was caught in limiting beliefs and emotions, and that totally disconnected me from my true self and from the beautiful divine Being that I actually am. So I kept working on myself and my life started to change dramatically…

How I got out of my misery and how you can too

Step by step I freed myself from my strong inner critic, I released a lot of my negative beliefs and emotions and I started to feel better in my body.

And now as I said before, I love my life…

Not only am I enjoying myself in a way that I couldn’t have imagined before; I no longer shame, criticize or compare myself to others like I used to. I’m loving with myself and I’m finally enjoying my sexuality because I have a totally different feeling about my body. I now have a real sense of who I truly am and a strong connection to my divine soul. Plus my work is fulfilling and I’m so much more empowered instead of always feeling like a victim.

Let me stress this one point…

This doesn’t mean that my life is always perfect and every moment wonderful… Sometimes I fall back into old patterns, I struggle, get scared, feel pain and get caught up in negative emotions. But I don’t beat myself up for it and I don’t get stuck for too long, and most importantly it doesn’t stop me from enjoying myself and my life… the way we feel about ourselves and HOW we deal with things makes all the difference! That in deed IS wonderful and I’m very grateful for it…

I discovered my purpose…

When I started my journey of learning how to love myself I didn’t have the intention to work with clients. I was just a total mess and wanted to feel better about myself; that was it.

But in time I had this calling, this inner urge to share my experience and my knowledge with other people. Deep inside I knew I was a leader, and I knew I wanted to help people in a more profound way. I discovered my purpose in life and the self-worth training program that I’ve created is now one of my favorite programs in my business.

If I knew then what I know now, I could have saved myself a lot of time and hurt on my way from hell to heaven…

But I’m very grateful for everything because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to help you the way I do. And because I went the hard way I was able to find a less painful and less time consuming way of achieving the same results.

I’m passionate about helping you to be free of your own inner critic and experience more true self-love and confidence in your life just like I do.

Does this sound like you?

If you’re longing for more self-worth and confidence and a more authentic expression of YOU in your life, you’re in the right place. I have some great resources for you on this website.

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