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Tip #3 To Get The Most Out of 2017

Here’s #3 to get the most out of 2017…

This one will make the biggest impact in your life!!

Here you go:

Are you ready to step up this year and come into your power? 

Find out what is really holding you back and clear those blocks once and for all.

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Much love,

Tip #2 To Get The Most Out of 2017

Here’s tip #2:

And by the way, I did do the math… We’re talking about 37800 minutes in one year!!

That is 630 hours in one year!!

Think about that for a moment…

Such a small change and the impact it can make in your life.

Are you willing to do it? And how are you gonna use it?

Leave me a comment below.

Much love,

P.S. Did you miss tip #1? Click here to watch it


Tip #1 To Get The Most Out Of 2017

The New Year has just began… It’s a great time to implement new and empowering habits and strategies to make the best out of 2017. These simple (but powerful) tips can help you get started.

Here’s tip #1:

What was the most valuable thing you got out of this tip?

And… What is your next action step?

Leave me a comment below.

Much love,

The Ultimate Resource

Here’s a little “kick in the butt” inspirational video with Anthony Robbins 🙂

I love it. It speaks to me on every level… I feel blessed to work with people that are ready and committed to go for their dreams and aspirations and that don’t let ‘excuses’ get in their way.

And at the same time, I’m sad (and even frustrated sometimes) when I hear all the excuses people come up with that are preventing them from living their true freedom, happiness and joy! Why I get frustrated? Because I know it’s possible… Because I know there’s always a way!! (And believe me I was the queen of excuses so I really know what I’m talking about ;))

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5 Things you can do to make you feel better

Do you have days where you wake up in the morning feeling low or sad, or maybe even feeling pity for yourself?

I had one of those the other day and I wanted to share with you what I did to get out of it…

There is always this moment of choice… The moment where you are on a cross road and you can choose a certain path. You can either choose the one that takes you closer to yourself and your light (inspired by love), or you can keep walking on the road of self-pity (driven by fear).

I know it’s not always easy to move forward when we’re stuck, that’s why I wanted to share with you the 5 things I did to help me get moving…

Number 1: I watched this short video with Anthony Robbins (I didn’t specifically look out for it, it just appeared on my FB feed and I knew anything inspiring would be good to get started):

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